Gamification for Learning and Education

 The modern world today brings us easy access to a whole lot of things at our fingertips in an instant. Almost everything is virtually visible on the internet today. From games to movies, e-learning to social connectivity, the digital world has it all to offer. This is where a new approach for easy and fun learning for the students comes into play with the term Gamification. This is a new method of engaging the students online and motivating them to do better with their studies.

Gamification for learning and education includes many game processes like collaborative problem solving, narrative and point-based reward system, trial and error, and many more opportunities for boosting the knowledge of the children. Students find it interesting and tempting to try their hands-on experience with this contemporary feature. The process is aimed to develop focus, retain information, and enhance the overall performance of the students.

Gamification: A Friendly Process for the Parents

The young generation of these times, like spending an ample amount of time playing video games and surfing across the net, then why not use it to the best advantage of parents and make the most of it? Parents can keep an easy check on their child’s progress because Gamification when combined for learning processes, is said to deliver instant feedback, fun and active way of learning, trial and error deductive learning, graphical representation of the results, and much more.

How to bring Gamification into play?

Now, the question arises how one brings this gaming yet learning experience into the life of students. Well! It is easy. We feel that engaging technology into the curriculum would mean expensive, but it is cheaper than we think and can be incorporated even without a budget. All you have to do is create treasure hunts, quests, other interactive activities that can make the homework for the learners motivating and keep them engaged even after school hours. Use your resources like phones, laptops, computers, mobile tablets, etc. and turn the homework into exciting YouTube videos, blogs, or websites.

If one intends to develop competitiveness in their kids, it is important to develop team spirit amongst your children with the help of online tournaments and assignments where more and more kids can participate at a given time. Teachers and parents can keep a keen eye to monitor the activity of their children. As a reward, online awards, points, badges, bonuses can be awarded to students to keep their interest alive.

It is to be noted that the Gamification process for learning is just not limited to the elementary school of education anymore. Universities and many other educational institutions are showing their interest in this process as they feel it to be quick and hassle-free. Undoubtedly, encouraging children to work online is going to be an indispensable thing in the coming times. It will lay the foundation of our future school systems and make children develop expertise in their subjects along with a tech-friendly mind.

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