4 Most Annoying Features of Avast Antivirus

In today's world of advanced technology, hacking and malware are common threats to the system. It is very significant to take precautionary measures to avoid these threats. To keep working on any system safe, the antivirus is playing a significant role. These antiviruses help detect possible viruses and fight them to keep your system and data safe. If we have a look at the antivirus available in the market, the number is very large. But when it comes to the top ones, the Avast antivirus is ruling the world. Half of the market depends upon this antivirus to keep their systems safe and secure. The main reason for its increased demand and popularity is the level of security it offers to the users. The Avast antivirus is considered as the most reliable antivirus to detect all possible viruses and save the system from any possible danger. Where the Avast has a dozen positive points, there it also has some negative points that can annoy the users while using the Avast antivirus and in return result in a decrease in its popularity. But the best part is that the antivirus is highly user friendly and have given users the power to stop/ restrict these annoying features by using the antivirus settings. If you are going through the same issue and want to get rid of the annoying features of Avast antivirus, then have a look at following 3 annoying features and steps to change the settings:

The Sound Notification:

The first and most annoying feature of Avast antivirus is the audio sound that comes after every virus check. The audio source is a notification for the users that their system is checked for viruses. But getting a sound every two or three times gets annoying for users when they are busy doing an important task on the system. If you are irritated by the sound as well and want to get rid of it, you can replace it with any of the sounds that you appreciate, or you can completely disable the sound at your convenience. In order to do so, follow the following steps:


  • Go to the settings of the Avast antivirus.
  • Select the option appearance and select the use of voice-over sound and save the settings.

The next is to disable the sound. In this case, you will have the option to disable all or specification notification sound. To disable all follow the following steps:

  • Go to setting and click on appearance.
  • Find the option Enable Avast sound and uncheck the box.
  • Save the settings and you are all good to go.

The Update Notification:

The antivirus is either updated daily or every time a new update comes. Every time the antivirus updates, the user gets a notification. The update notification is one thing that annoys users a lot. It is up to you if you want to get the notification about the updates every time if you don't want it even once. It all depends upon your choice and convenience. If you want the antivirus to update without getting your permission and sending you a notification every time, then follow the following steps to disable the notification settings:


  • Go to settings of the antivirus.
  • Select program settings from there.
  • In the program setting, you can see a list having options.
  • Select the radio button with the optional automatic update.
  • Then the last step is to save the changes by pressing okay.

The Grime Fighter Notification:

If you are using any of the antiviruses, you must be aware of a similar notification that informs you about the add on running on your system. Many antiviruses including Avast antivirus annoy the user by sending the grime fighter notification again and again. If you are also fed up with this notification and looking forward to getting over it, then it's not a big deal. There are some simple steps that you need to follow to disable the notification:


  • Go to the setting of the Avast antivirus.
  • Select the option tools setting from the list.
  • Under the tools, you will see grime fighter customization, select it.
  • Here you will find different boxes that are checked. You need to uncheck the option that states Always test this computer/mobile for grime.
  • To implement your changes press okay.


Avast antivirus is a necessity for so many systems to run in a secure and safe environment. But there are certain features that make users irritated. These features include notification and pop-ups. The sudden pop up while playing games or messaging a friend can be really irritating right? Don't worry you can stop Avast popups and notification easily as per your comfort by amending some settings through the antivirus settings. Go make your experience with the Avast antivirus comfortable by using it the way you want.

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